Call for Abstracts

Abstract Submissions

The Scientific Committee invites the submission of abstracts for the HIV & Hepatitis in the Americas Congress 2019. The abstract submission topics are outlined in the table below. Please note, that whilst the meeting will offer multilingual facilities during oral sessions (English, Spanish and Portuguese), all abstracts must be submitted in English.

If a submitted abstract is accepted as either an oral or a poster presentation, one of the authors on the abstract will be required to register for the congress and present the abstract. The deadline for the receipt of abstracts is Friday 1 February 2019.

Terms and conditions of abstract submission are available here.
To view the terms and conditions in Spanish please click here
To view the terms and conditions in Portuguese please click here

We are anticipating that the abstracts from the Congress will once again be published by a leading international medical journal. Further information will be provided here when available.

Submission Topics
Co-morbidities and complications of disease and/or treatment
HIV and adolescents and children
HIV and endemic diseases
HIV and hepatitis co-infection
HIV and human papilloma virus
HIV and tuberculosis
HIV and vulnerable populations
HIV and women, including MTCT
Models of care/scale up of treatment
Non-AIDS morbidities and mortality, and ageing
Opportunistic infections
PrEP and treatment as prevention
Treatment strategies and outcomes
Viral hepatitis
Virology and immunology